Flexible Payment Options

Choose the payment plan that suits you best. We offer four flexible payment options, all accompanied by a 15-day free trial. If you decide to leave the course during this period, you will receive a full refund.

RMT Subsidy


Refugee discount program

(This special discount is available only until June 1st. Don’t miss out!)

Economic Empowerment Discount

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RMT Subsidy

Retraining Support for the Unemployed in IT

The Regionale Mobiliteitsteams (RMTs) offer support if you’re at risk of losing your job or have lost it, for example, due to COVID-19 or automation. Assistance includes job search guidance, career advice, training, and debt help, with services tailored to individual needs. These teams, present throughout the Netherlands, are a collaboration between various ministries and organizations​​​​.

Netherlands residents holding a valid social security number.

Financial aid offered for professional development in the IT sector.

If you’re unemployed in the Netherlands with a valid social security number, consider the Regional Mobility Teams (RMTs) for support in reskilling into IT. They offer:

  • A subsidy of up to €5000 for IT career transition.
  • Services including job search aid, career advice, and training.
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Tech Me Up

As a proud partner of TechMeUp, Clarusway is committed to fostering diversity in the tech industry.

As a proud partner of TechMeUp, Clarusway is committed to fostering diversity in the tech industry. TechMeUp, a forward-thinking foundation, offers financial support through interest-free microcredits, helping a diverse range of students, especially women, bicultural individuals, and those over 45, to retrain for tech careers. This initiative is a crucial step towards creating a more inclusive and dynamic tech sector, reflecting the diverse society we live in.

Are you interested in following this education but financially, you can’t quite manage it? TechMeUp offers students an interest-free loan to study. This money can go towards your education or living expenses during your studies. After completing your education and finding a job, you pay back the borrowed amount. With this money, another student can study. And so on, and so forth. Interested? This is how it works:

  1. You are interested in one (or more) of our courses, but you can’t afford it. That’s no reason not to do it, of course.
  2. You sign up with TechMeUp and submit a motivation video. They want to know who you are and why you want to retrain yourself.
  3. TechMeUp conducts interviews and makes a selection. Unfortunately, they can’t help everyone
  4. You choose a course and enroll. Sometimes you have to take an entrance exam
  5. Admitted? Then TechMeUp transfers the agreed amount. Your future in tech starts now!
  6. Graduated and got a job? Then you pay TechMeUp back in installments. the full amount without a cent of interest
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Economic Empowerment Discount

35% Off for Individuals Earning Under 20K Annually

In our commitment to economic empowerment, we offer a 35% discount to individuals earning less than €20,000 gross annually. This initiative aims to make our courses more accessible, supporting those who are striving for professional advancement despite financial constraints. If your annual income falls within this bracket, please reach out to us to learn how you can benefit from this discount and enhance your career prospects.

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Refugee Discount Program

45% Off for Inclusion and Diversification

(This special discount is available only until the end of 2024. Don’t miss out!)

We’re proud to offer a 55% discount to refugees under our Inclusion and Diversification Program. This significant reduction in fees demonstrates our dedication to supporting refugees in their career progression. If you’re seeking to develop your skills, contact us to learn how this discount can help you on your journey to professional success in a welcoming and inclusive environment.