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AWS&Devops Engineer

AWS & DevOps certifications – our graduates secure top-tier IT positions!


AWS Solutions Architect

Transform into a Cloud Engineer, securing a pivotal role for both tech and non-tech companies.


DevOps Engineering

Master DevOps culture, methods, and tools with a focus on cloud computing (AWS).


Data Analytics

Leer kennis af te leiden uit ruwe data om meetbare en tastbare resultaten te leveren.

Machine Learning

Implementeer machine learning modellen met end-to-end producten.

Full Stack Development

Word software- en applicatie ontwikkelaar, voor zowel front-end als back-end.

Front-End Development

Word een meester in HTML, CSS en JavaScript voor Front-End Development.

Back-End Development

Focus op databases, programmering en website-architectuur aan de server-kant.

Salesforce Admin en Developer

Leer om Salesforce Admin of Developer te worden. Voor deze veelgevraagde carrière is geen IT-achtergrond vereist!

Cyber Security

Learn Cyber Security Fundamentals and continue with advanced topics. No IT background is required for this high-demand career!


The fundamentals of cloud computing with using AWS…

Cyber2 1

Cyber Security

The fundamentals of cloud computing with using AWS…


Web3 & Blockchain

The fundamentals of cloud computing with using AWS…

Why Clarusway?

Clarusway is recognized as one of the premier bootcamps by leading authorities in IT career training.

No Need for IT Background

  • No IT background, no programming skills, not comfortable with computers? No problem.
  • We specialize in training individuals who are complete beginners in IT.
  • We allocate a dedicated three-month segment of our program to provide you with the foundational skills essential for success in your IT career.
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  • Many of our graduates were previously delivery drivers, housewives, and marketing experts.
  • We have assisted hundreds of complete beginners in securing IT positions.
  • This is due to our extensive focus on providing you with fundamental IT knowledge.

Innovative Teaching Model

  • We have developed an innovative teaching model, with the core being our Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Our tailored Learning Management System (LMS) provides a structured pathway from start to finish, helping you acquire job-ready skills more rapidly.
  • Simply log in and follow the laid-out path; that's all there is to it.
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  • No more guesswork.
  • Everything you need is readily available: lessons, projects, mentorship sessions, and the guidance to build your portfolio, along with recommended readings.
  • Everything is meticulously laid out for you, step-by-step, including pre-class activities, live classes, post-class activities, hands-on projects, mentoring, coaching, and partnerships with our sister software consulting company.

24/7 Mentor Support

  • Mentors are invaluable.
  • Bi-monthly sessions with experts in the field and the flexibility to reach out and get your questions answered 24/7.
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  • ZThey provide the shortcuts you need to become job-ready faster.
  • Receive individual feedback from experts actively working in the field.
  • Get live answers to your questions throughout the day, along with ongoing project support.

Career Management System

  • Acquiring IT skills is only half the battle.
  • The other half involves putting in the effort to make this career switch.
  • This includes tasks such as developing a robust resume, creating a compelling portfolio, preparing for technical interviews, networking, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, and more.
  • Mock Interviews, Life Coaching, Resume Building, and LinkedIn Optimization.
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  • Our Career Management Services (CMS) thoroughly equips you with the mindset, tools, and techniques needed to facilitate a seamless and rapid career switch.
  • This significantly contributes to our impressive 92% success rate..
  • If you put in the effort, your life will undergo a transformation.
  • Our students consistently achieve success in the field.
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Our Process

Years of expertise in IT education.

We are dedicated to delivering the most innovative and effective IT training available today. Our process is crafted to guide each student towards a successful professional career in the evolving global marketplace. Our programs empower YOU to level up!

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